What We Stand For (and how we're different)

We always make our own food (we don’t just assemble).

We use simple ingredients (and avoid gluten, dairy and added sugar).

We only source from UK-based suppliers and provide complete supplier transparency.

We aim to only use compostable materials for all our packaging (we have zero landfill waste).

We always offer free still and sparkling water (we don’t sell bottled water).*

* It takes 7 litres of water and nearly a 1/4 litre of refined oil to produce and package each litre of bottled water.  Source: University of Nottingham.

Our Ingredients

Our fruit, vegetables and grains are sustainably grown and GM free.

Our beef, chicken and lamb are naturally fed, humanely treated and avoid antibiotics.

Our fish is ethically and sustainably sourced.

Our Values

Transparent. Local. Responsible. Fair. Choice. Service. Simple. Kind. Fun. Grow.

Providing TRANSPARENT information.
About where we source our ingredients and what’s in our food.

Using LOCAL suppliers first.
That provide seasonal ingredients that are ethically and sustainably sourced.

Being environmentally RESPONSIBLE.
By limiting our waste, aiming to only use compostable packaging and offering filtered water for free.

Building FAIR and long term relationships.
With our team as well as our partners by clearly and openly communicating.

Offering real CHOICE.
Because choice is a beautiful thing. We provide extensive options to choose from and the ability to customise them.

Delivering the best SERVICE.
To our team, customers, local suppliers and local communities. And always being solution oriented.

Keeping things SIMPLE.
Including doing more with less.

Being KIND.
As well as humble, positive, aware, flexible and respectful. And doing random acts of kindness on a regular basis.

Creating FUN and humour.
And just being ourselves.

Finding innovative ways to GROW.
By listening, constantly learning and improving in order to remain unique.